"Seandainya di depan mataku ini ada tembok berwarna putih, lalu Muhammad mengatakan bahwa tembok itu berwarna hitam, maka aku akan bohongkan mataku, dan akan kukatakan bahwa tembok itu berwarna hitam!". (perkataan Abu Bakar radhiallahu anhu, dinukil dari ceramah sejarah Nabi, oleh Khalid Basalamah)

24 Oktober 2009

The best toys for children

It is a nice thing when we bought a gift of toys to our children, and they looked amazed and greatly appreciate the gift.

Soft toys such appaman, jellycat, or barefoot dreams that we sometimes think of as children's toys are mediocre, but infact it is very precious in the mind of our children. Lou Lou's Corner, located in Hickory, North Carolina. A toy store that seemingly only appeared as a regular toy store, but actually Lou Lou's Corner provides a wide range of favorite toys, such as Barefoot Dreams, Appaman, Small Paul, and Zutano. Lou Lou’s Corner is specialty boutique store that is the go-to place for unique gifts,
baby toys and designer baby clothes.

This store is very unique and interesting, including the advantages:
  • Prices are cheap and compete, even free shipping for purchases more than $ 65
  • A very strategic location (in the heart of the city)
  • The atmosphere is cozy shops and pleasant to shop
  • Provide a variety of toys, gadgets, and clothes for the children, ideal for gifts or for your birthday your baby.
  • Quality is a very good product, with the use of best raw materials.

Lou Lou's Corner also provides services:
  • Gift wrapping, with a variety of shapes and colors are very attractive
  • Payment systems that accept: American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa credit cards.

15 Oktober 2009

Excel Trick : Combining two cells

Problem : You have data in two cells and you want to combine them into a single cell.

To do that we’ll use a formula with the & operator, which connects—or combines—the text or numbers in two or more cells to produce one text or number value.

For example, you have a list of first names in column A and last names in column B. To combine them into one cell, enter the following formula in C1:


If A1 contains ADHI and B1 contains NUGROHO, C1 will display ADHI NUGROHO . To add a space between the first and last name, use the following formula—adding the quote marks and a second &:

=A1&” “&B1

or :

=CONCATENATE(A2," ",B2) Combines the text, separated by a space.

05 Oktober 2009

Traditional Herb for TB

The Disease
A friend told me, how frustrated he was crushed tuberculosis (TB) of lung. Battered disposable medical drugs, the disease still exists. He also panicked, because he said, TB bacteria can be resistant to drugs formulated barrage pharmacies. Fortunately, when almost frustrated, he "discovered" Centella asiatica and friends.

Living a "destiny" as a TB patient's lungs were not easy. If not resilient, rather than cured, patients can die of boredom. Understandably, the healing process of TB, but quite difficult, too time consuming, ranging from 3 - 6 months. That, too, with notes, patient, disciplined and diligent in taking medication the doctor.

The duration of treatment is - especially if accompanied by cost constraints - which often lead to patient frustration. Yes frustration consume the medicine, and bored endure. Actually, discipline medication be the deciding factor in the healing process. Incomplete treatment can cause TB bacteria resistant to a variety of conventional drugs, including drug combinations.

In other words, TB patients is strictly forbidden to tolerate boredom word, much less desperation. That's why, for my friend, the encounter with Centella asiatica and his colleagues to be very meaningful. At the very least, he was not "alone" again facing tuberculosis. While many relatives and friends move away because of fear of contagion, Centella asiatica and friends become the most loyal friend.

The Cure
Centella asiatica (Pegagan) is a lot of wild plants grow in plantations, fields, roadside, and rice dikes. These plants come from tropical regions of Asia, spread in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, India, China, Japan and Australia and then spread to many other countries. Commonly known name for this plant is the leaves of Centella asiatica in addition to horses and antanan feet. Since ancient times, Centella asiatica has been used for medicinal skin, nerves and improve circulation. West Java community recognize this plant as one of the plants to eat with rice ("lalapan").

Centella asiatica sweet taste, is cool, has a function to clean the blood, blood circulation, fever (antipiretika), stop the bleeding (haemostatika), improve memory nerves, anti-bacterial, tonic, antispasma, anti-inflammatory, hipotensif, insecticides , allergy and stimulants. There saponins inhibit the production of scar tissue excess (inhibiting the keloid)

Other Centella asiatica benefits of improving blood circulation to the arms and legs; prevent varicose veins and wrong; improve memory, mental and stamina; and reduce symptoms of stress and depression. Centella asiatica on research in RSU dr. Soetomo Surabaya can be used to lower blood pressure, not decrease drastically, so suitable for elderly patients.