"Seandainya di depan mataku ini ada tembok berwarna putih, lalu Muhammad mengatakan bahwa tembok itu berwarna hitam, maka aku akan bohongkan mataku, dan akan kukatakan bahwa tembok itu berwarna hitam!". (perkataan Abu Bakar radhiallahu anhu, dinukil dari ceramah sejarah Nabi, oleh Khalid Basalamah)

20 Agustus 2010

How to get a good web hosting service

Do You looking for web hosting services? Thorough and careful decide. Because one would choose to destroy your online business all of a sudden. Web hosting is a public service designed to serve web sites for internet users. Operated by a company known as a web hosting provider or host web only, service is managed out of the art data centers and made available for private and business customers in various regions throughout the world. For some people, choosing a web hosting service can be a daunting task. Cheap Web Hosting is the best choice to host such a small personal website blog. While VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server) is the preferred choice for small and medium enterprises since the virtual server comes with a much greater level of control, guaranteed performance levels, and sophisticated software. And for the Dedicated server is the high level of web hosting services because the hardware is intended only for one customer, offering webmasters the constant server monitoring, full customization, and a special network connectivity. 

The Internet has become a lifestyle that is common to many of us, and every day, more users are beginning to realize the benefits of using the Internet. This global network has opened the door for users worldwide to communicate, find entertainment, online shop and do business online. For some customers, the most important elements of web hosting is the company providing the service. Web host must be able to guarantee quality and reliability in order to ensure that your website will be available to Internet users. 

04 Juli 2010

High Quality Locking Mailboxes

Although e-mail and digital messages are concise and fast already very familiar with the social life of society, but the letters and documents are still not physically able to be abandoned. And of course the perfect home has a locking mailbox that is best to accommodate all matters relating to goods such communications. Whether tangible only plain paper letter, or the goods shipment of the package.

Lockable mailboxes that is safe and well certainly not with the material and made an indiscriminate manner. The quality of materials, how to manufacture, and considerations about the security of content in it would be a serious consideration, and talk about  locking mailboxes of the best and safest, so Mailboxixchange are the experts.

Mailboxixchange, mailbox providers engaged in commercial real estate sales online. Serving as an individual purchase or owners of buildings with 400 residential units, they provide high quality products with competitive prices on all products, and guarantee 111%.

Providing information is complete and in-depth product such as raw, how to manufacture, and quality techniques from selected vendors. Starting from the weights, dimensions, and all other statistics relating to the product fully and clearly summarized. Mailboxixchange also serve an exchange or refund of certain merchandise (within 30 days of shipping), simply call Customer Care, and your request will immediately be served quickly.

What You waiting for?! Fill your home with the safest of Mailboxixchange lockable mailboxes!

26 Juni 2010

Most Stable Investment, Gold Spot

Having a very valuable investment and profitable is the dream of everyone, including me and you. At this time there are many different models and types of investments offered in the world market. Did you know that spot gold is one of the most profitable type of investment since thousands years ago, until today, and even future!

Gold, an investment method that is known as the best for its secure and flexibility. Its very different from the deposits in the form of money or cash. Deflation or inflation is the main weakness of the ownership of cash money. Although the price of gold  can be volatile in the short term, gold  price has always maintained its value over the long term. Through the years, it has served as a hedge against inflation and the erosion of major currencies, and thus is an investment well worth considering.

12 Mei 2010

Enjoy free moving estimates

Are You looking for :
Long Distance Movers, Local Movers, Auto Transport, International Movers, Self Storage, Small Moves, Self Service Moves, Moving Labor, Corporate Relocation, Truck Rentals, Special Movers, Moving Guides...? Or perhaps You need moving estimate for your need?

Then you need to contact Movers.com !!!

At Movers.com, always check the car and shipping companies each month to give you the best service. They were very careful in checking a company before it can be allowed to join the network Movers.com, "We verify that they live in accordance with high standards."

Movers.com is honored to be accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They were able to meet high standards for business organizations and beliefs.

11 Mei 2010

5 Smartphone Guitar

The Guitar uses three programming languages, 2 x thrid party apps, customer cross platform sequencer app, three mobile phone platforms and 5 x smart phones together with a pair of battery powered speakers and a few reels of duct tape. Check out the video of the mobile phone guitar in action after the jump.

Mobile phone hacker Steffest has created this fantastic and igneous mobile phone guitar made from five smart phones. The mobile phone guitar was created for a presentation on mobile development for MobileCampBrussels.

09 Mei 2010

Choosing Your Best Glass Racks

Diverse models, prices are cheap, reliable product quality, and professional services from vendors are a few important reasons consumers to search for products. This includes products such as wine glass rack, stemware racks, bar glass racks, and the like.

GlassStemwareRacks.com has stood since 2004, They have been selling quality products such glass racks with a very competitive market price. Some of the specific product, sold only through GlassStemwareRacks and its affiliates. GlassStemwareRacks Rewards Points Program is also developing a 110% guarantee.

05 Mei 2010


There was a farmer who sold a pound of butter to the baker. One day the baker decided to weigh the butter to see if he was getting a pound and he found that he was not. This angered him and he took the farmer to court.

The judge asked the farmer if he was using any measure. The farmer replied, "ur Honor, I am primitive. I don't have a proper measure, but I do have a scale." The judge asked, "Then how do you weigh the butter"
The farmer replied "Your Honor, long before the baker started buying butter from me, I have been buying a pound loaf of bread from him. 

02 Mei 2010

Apartments in North Carolina

Environment that is safe, clean and comfortable is the dream of every family. Are the external factors are important as a consideration to find a place to live. Besides access to key locations such as shopping centers, entertainment venues and an added value for users of the apartment. You know what, Apartments in North Carolina is the best option for you...

NC Apartments, has been providing your residential needs. With the relatively cheap rents, you'll get a variety of complete and perfect facilities, such as:
- Great 1, 2 and 3 Bedroom Floor Plans.
- Full-Size Washer & Dryer Connections in Large Utility Room.
- Great Kitchens with Large Private Dining Room.
- Spacious Townhome Floor Plans.
- Security System Included.

01 Mei 2010

The Other Side

A Father was reading a magazine and his little daughter every now and then distracted him. To keep her busy, he tore one page on which was printed the map of the world. He tore it into pieces and asked her to go to her room and put them together to make the map again. He was sure she would take the whole day to get it done.

But the little one came back within minutes with perfect map.
When he asked how she could do it so quickly, she said, "Oh Dad, there is a man's face on the other side of the paper. I made the face perfect to get the map right." She ran outside to play leaving the father surprised.

29 April 2010

Swimming Pool Story

Fred and Mabel were both patients in a mental hospital. One day as they both walked beside the swimming pool, Mabel jumped into the deep end and sank to the bottom. Without a thought for his own safety, Fred jumped in after her, brought her to the surface, hauled her out, gave her the kiss of life and saved her.

The next day happened to be Fred's annual review. He was brought before the hospital board, where the director told him, "Fred, I have some good news and some bad news : the good news is that in light of your heroic act yesterday we consider that you are sane and can be released from this home back into society. The bad news is, I'm afraid, that Mabel, the patient you saved, shortly afterwards hung herself in the bathroom with the belt from her bathrobe. I'm sorry but she's dead."
"She didn't hang herself," Fred replied, "I put her there to dry."

26 April 2010

Save hours of household water use

Conserve water usage should be done by every human being on this earth to defend the earth remains "runny". One way to save the use of, among others, with rainwater and store it in large containers. Water storage can be used for watering plants, filling pools, washing cars, and others. Another action is to keep the tap water in order not to leak. A leaky faucet that will increase the quantity of waste water annually.Water is the source of life, although sometimes it has the potential to destroy us all. We must preserve it. Did you know that 97% of water on Earth is salt, and only 3% that is fresh to drink, and while most of the others frozen in the Arctic.

10 April 2010

Where did the extra dollar go?

Three men decided to split the cost of a hotel room. The hotel manager gave them a price of $30.

The men split the bill evenly, each paying $10, and went to their room. However, the hotel manager realized that it was a Wednesday night, which meant the hotel had a special: rooms were only $25. He had overcharged them $5!

He called the bellboy, gave him five one-dollar bills and told him to return it to the men.

When the bellboy explained the situation to the men, they were so pleased at the honesty of the establishment that they promptly tipped the bellboy $2 of the $5 he had returned and each kept $1 for himself.

25 Maret 2010

Different ways to online monetize

It can be very confusing when you first start out trying to make money online. There are so many choices, so much information and if you’re not careful you can end up spending more than you earn. Obviously you want to get on with earning without wasting your time and money. The information is intended as a guide only, and must be used based on your own due diligence. You must make up your own mind about what’s right for you. Top Tip: Some people seem to make money very quickly on the internet but it doesn’t always happen overnight.

16 Maret 2010

More SEO tools from mypagerank.net

I got an e-mail from mypagerank.net :

Hello Ardhianto A.N.

We received many emails wanting know easy ways to create backlinks. We are proud to offer a free solution to create automatic backlinks. Go to the following sites below and get your free backlinks.

How this sites work ?

11 Maret 2010

Rewards platform for youths survey

Have you ever heard about Youthsays?! What is Youthsays.com? YouthSays.com is a REWARDS platform for youths. Members of YouthSays.com consist of youths (aged 15 – 35) from all over the Southeast Asia region. Membership is FREE & currently open to youths from Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore.

05 Maret 2010

The Undead Hordes

Somewhere near the beginning of time, Mortis, that name which now causes even the most stout-hearted to tremble, was the goddess of Life. She ruled the elder race with her husband, Gallean, and they were as one being, such was their devotion to each other. But Wotan, god of the Mountain Clans, coveted the glorious lands of Mortis and Gallean. Certain that only by severing the bond between Mortis and her consort would he be able to wrest control of the lands, Wotan transformed himself into a wolf and tore out the heart of Gallean. With godly might, he hurled the still-beating heart into the sun, that it would never be recovered. But Mortis, in her grief, followed the heart, and was consumed by fire…

The Legions of The Damned

Long ago, before evil sundered even the heavens, the Highfather looked upon the beauty of the angel Bethrezen and granted him the divine right to create the world, which was to be called Nevendaar. And Bethrezen did. His world was magnificent, and its inhabitants wanted for nothing. But rancor grew among the lesser angels who, in a pique of jealousy and rage, sowed disharmony and ill-will among the hitherto peaceful tribes of Nevendaar.

When the Highfather looked down upon Nevendaar, he was aghast. Where was the harmony that Bethrezen had promised? Where were the endless green pastures? The Highfather saw only suffering and strife; the green pastures were scorched black by ceaseless wars.

Nevendaar was to be the Highfather’s pride and joy, but Bethrezen had betrayed him. The Highfather’s fury shook the heavens. Bethrezen would be punished…

After 6,000 years of imprisonment in chaos, Bethrezen’s earthly minions – the Legions of the Damned – created a breach in their master’s dungeon. All that remained was to perform the final ritual that would grant Bethrezen unbridled freedom. But the Highfather, in his infinite mercy, revealed the location of the abominable ritual to the Empire and the Mountain Clans.

The Legions of the Damned were trapped in their mountain temple, and the secret rune wisdom inscribed on the door would ensure that they would remain there for ten years.

Now, that ten years has passed, and the Legions are free to perform the rites that will free Bethrezen once and for all…

The Mountain Clans

Living quietly atop the highest peaks of Nevendaar, the Mountain Clans had always kept to themselves. Not out of malice or ill-will. It was simply their nature not to meddle in the affairs of men. But with the discovery of new iron mines south of Timoric, the production of Dwarven crafts drastically increased. Supply must meet demand, and the lowland people demanded the quality of iron goods that only the Dwarves could produce. And the pride of the Dwarves would not allow the world to be deprived of their magnificent craftsmanship.

And then Memnor, that oldest and wisest of Dwarves, had a dream that boded ill for all of the Mountain Clans. The word went out, carried along the cold thin air of the Dwarven heights, that Memnor himself would announce his prophecy from the summit of the Griffin Heights.

The mines stopped production, and the loud clanging of hammer and anvil was replaced by the weak but commanding voice of Memnor. Pale and trembling, his voice traveled easily over the cold thin mountain air. He spoke of the Ragnarok: the great destruction. The end of the world was coming, said Memnor. These words, so calmly spoken, would have created a frenzy of laughter among the skeptical Dwarves had any but Memnor uttered them. But there was only dreadful hush. Even the icy winds – those gusts that strike pride in the hearts of Dwarves – fell silent.

The salvation of the Mountain Clans resided in the knowledge of the runes, said Memnor. But all knew that the knowledge of the runes had been long-forgotten, and the scholars who might interpret them lay buried in their icy tombs…

From the abode of the dead they came forth – nameless, faceless, merciless horrors. Hastily assembled bands of heroes ventured into Hela’s forsaken realm in search of the Runes of Wisdom. What they encountered there no mortal can say; but what they discovered upon their return has already been carved in stone that future generations will never forget. The shambling corpse-men of the fleshless goddess Mortis had marched upon the Dwarven heights. Their once proud kingdom now lay barren and scorched before their sullen eyes.

Valkyries saddled on their winged steeds descended from Wotan’s domain in search of the fallen. This was the Wolf-Age, for in these dire times gods were created and heroes were made; and the carrion wolves fed upon the weak. The King himself was slain, and with him many of his most courageous warriors.

Despairing but not defeated, the Mountain Clans moved deep into the underground city of Svatalfaheim. Here, it is said, they patiently wait for their fallen warriors to return.

The Empire

An entire generation has been raised without knowledge of the Empire’s Golden Age, when their ancestors lived peacefully alongside the Mountain Clans, and there was harmony in every far-flung corner of the land. The Golden Age reached back long into the past, but for this generation, fed on fear, and lulled to an anxious sleep by the dire prophecies of the Elders, it is a mythical time.

“The accursed angel, riding his fiery steed, will curse the land, and the poisoned soil shall harvest beasts and demons.”

For this generation, these words mark the beginning of the Empire’s history. Everything before is a fantasy. Shortly after the Elders pronounced that the time of the prophecy was nigh, an infernal rift ripped through the length of the Empire. The “beasts and demons” of the prophecy poured forth. The Great Wars had begun. No strategies or tactics, no heroes, no glorious tales of battle have come down to us. Perhaps there were none. As the survivors tell it, it was only be sheer force of the Soul and Arm that the Empire succeeded in sealing the gate to Hell.

N o w, ten long years have passed. Famine and plague ravage the once fastidiously tilled lands of the Empire. While the young people fashion new scabbards for their gleaming swords, the Elders merely look skyward, to the Highfather. Surely he would never allow such horrors to once again plague his favored land? But this favored land is now torn apart by internal strife. Petty nobles and brigand lords have established their own empires. Thousands of years in the making, the once proud and united Empire is but a distant memory. The King, having lost his consort and only son during the wars, languishes in self-imposed isolation in his castle’s highest tower.

What did the Highfather demand of his subjects? Blood, it seemed. For it is in these dire times that the unholy enemies of the Empire struck anew…

02 Maret 2010

Trend of Naruto

Naruto, the best anime and successfully had circulated in Indonesia. Before Naruto boom, had also had the famous anime Dragon Ball, but then because there was no sequel series, Dragon Ball was sinking.

Why Naruto is booming in Indonesia?! Ninja cartoon figure who was indeed very funny stick in the mind of children. Her story is an isolated childhood in the village of Konoha for being "kept" monster in the body of the nine tail fox. Then along with that growth came to know some friends who then jointly studied in the village of Konoha ninja.

Various kinds of lessons and experiences in facing the enemy is always faced by Naruto. What's interesting is the story of Naruto, Naruto mortal enemy who was a childhood friend who also grew into warriors a powerful ninja, Sasuke. Strengths of each character in the anime Naruto so appealing small children.

Various versions of the story of Naruto has been featured in Yousaytoo, ranging from full Naruto 1 to Naruto Shippuden summarized in the writings of blogs from various countries and languages.

The exotic Uluwatu Bali

Pura Luhur Uluwatu or Uluwatu Temple is a temple located in the region Pecatu Village, Kuta District, Badung, Bali, Indonesia. What was interesting to see here is a temple that stands firmly on the rocks that jutted into the sea with a height of about 50 meters. In the late afternoon while enjoying the beautiful sunset, you can watch dance performances of the famous Bali up to foreign countries, Kecak dance.

Officially known as the Pura Luhur Uluwatu, yes it's real name: "Luhur" means "something that comes from God" while the "Temple" can be broken into "ulu" which means "land of the end" and "watu" means "rock" in the language ancient.

Very aggressive. Monkeys in this place is very aggressive. Several local and foreign tourists often "stolen" by these monkeys. Ranging from mobile phones, sunglasses, hats, even wallet also taken by force. So be carefull!

Pura Luhur Uluwatu regarded as one of the six most important temples in Bali (along with Pura Besakih, of course!). Its location in the south central area west of the island These are considered Gods protect Bali from evil spirits from the sea.

17 Februari 2010

Understanding algebra in more detail

Most people think "Learning algebra is stupid". Have you ever noticed that the math and science is far more important for the foundation of a modern technological society than a simple social rules others. So, why do we only hear complaints about the math and science? Maybe because they are hard to? Because they require work and discipline?! Because they are not always "easy "?!

Educators of modern philosophy in the United States seems to say that education should be "fun" and "entertaining" can be justified. Today, students often absorb ethics, but a simple thing, they do not have to bother. But the most precious things in life will require some effort. If you want a big job, career interest, that the future is open, you almost certainly will need math skills. And algebra 2 is the basis, foundation, tool-boxes, for their skills.

"Is Algebra 1 Answers even be 'relevant' in the future?" When work and their specific skills-set can change from time to time, math is not. Twenty years from now, two plus two will still be four. In order to get a job in the first place, you will need some background knowledge and skills. Foundation that includes mathematics.

And mathematics patterns are also important. If all you take from the comfort Algebra Problems with variables and formulas, the ability to interpret graphs and logical thinking, and willingness to use abstraction when you try to solve the problem, then you have gained some life skills are very useful.

And there is only one of the best to help you or your children to easily answer the Algebra 1 Problems. He is Tutorvista. Get answers to all Algebra problems online with TutorVista. Their online Algebra tutoring program is designed to help you get all the answers to your Algebra word problems giving you the desired edge in excelling in the subject. Solve Algebra 1 problems, work on basic concepts and get help with your Algebra 1 homework too with TutorVista.

09 Februari 2010

Getting help for solving algebra 2 problem

Algebra is a branch of mathematics on the study of the operating rules and relationships, and construction and concepts arising from them, including polynomials, equations and algebraic structures. Together with geometry, analysis, topology, combinatorics, and number theory, algebra is one of the main branch of pure mathematics. Part of the basic algebra algebra is often part of the curriculum in secondary education and introduced the concept of numbers representing the variable. Algebra is much broader than elementary algebra and study what happens when the rules are different from operations that are used and when the operation is designed for things other than numbers.

Like other branches of mathematics, for most children in the world of algebra 2 is the science that are considered difficult to master. For that you need help Tutorvista. Tutorvista provide all the answers to algebra problems your children. TutorVista helps students excel in school and in competitive Examinations, Over 4,257,000 served live tutoring sessions.

Most of the tutor's have a Master's or Ph.D. or a Bachelor's degree with an additional degree in education. They have 5 to 10 years of teaching experience and good teaching credentials. Tutorvista undergo weeks of intensive training and pass stringent certification exams before they start tutoring.

Get answers to all Algebra 1 answer word problems online with TutorVista. Our online Algebra problem tutoring program is designed to help you get all the answers to your Algebra 1 problem word problems giving you the desired edge in excelling in the subject. So do not ever hesitate to Tutorvista, immediately joined the Tutorvista to help your children deal with algebra. Tutorvista is the best maths tutor.

05 Februari 2010

Barang "gratis" dari ebay

Pebruari ini diawali dengan datangnya handphone baru hasil dari bekerja di Blogvertise. Dengan spesifikasi :
# Slim, Sleek and Credit Card Size Design, 2.6 inch Sharp & Crystal Clear Screen.
# Support 2 Sim Cards Working Simultaneously, work with All GSM Networks Globaly.
# Touch Screen Control & Slide Unlocking for Finger Fun, Handwriting Recognition & Virtual Keypad for Faster Input.
# Support T-Flash Card up to 8GB

Pokoknya lumayan keren bro! kalo di-kurs ke rupiah harganya nggak sampe 1 juta... Sebenarnya masih banyak juga barang-barang kiriman dari ebay, ada jam tangan (sampe pesen 4 biji ^_^ tapi dah tak bagi-bagi hehehe...), trus ada earplug buat proteksi waktu berenang (olahraga favorit soalnya), trus pesen parfum juga (tapi khusus yg mengandung pheromone, apaan tuch?! tanya aja sama si google ^_^). Semua itu dibeli dari gaji freelance di Blogvertise selama tahun 2009, sekitar $102 USD (kira-kira 1 jutaan lah). Sebenarnya bisa sich duit itu ditransfer dari paypal ke rupiah, tapi kayaknya lebih greget kalo dijadiin barang ^_^ Untuk tahun 2010 ini masih pending bayaran sekitar $39 USD... coba bayangin, kira-kira akhir tahun nanti dapet berapa ya... ^_^

Ada yang tertarik mencoba freelance di internet, trus belanja di ebay?! Tenang bentar lagi mo tak buatin "tutorialnya" (ce ileee... ^_^) heehehe... Nggak kok, cuman trik-triknya aja... Bagi yang udah punya basic berinternet, daripada maen facebook-an tiap hari nggak menghasilkan duit, mending disambi kerja online, lumayan buat nambah ilmu juga!

Yang jelas sebagai langkah awalnya :
1. Harus punya e-mail yang valid (buat aja di gmail atau yahoo).
2. Wajib punya blog sendiri. Biar gampang buat aja yg gratisan dulu, misal di Blogspot. Untuk tips seputar blog, mengelola dan merawat blog, ataupun meningkatkan traffic blog bisa lihat tulisan saya yang lalu.
3. Harus punya account paypal (gratis kok, klik aja banner paypal di atas).
4. Daftar sebagai freelance Blogvertise, klik DISINI.

Sementara jalankan dulu langkah-langkah di atas sambil utak-atik template ataupun isi blog dan pelajari juga aturan di Blogvertise, nanti akan saya jelaskan sedikit tentang memverifikasi account paypal dan berbelanja di ebay, Oh ya jangan lupa kemampuan bahasa inggrisnya diasah terus ya, soalnya itu "senjata" buat nulis review di Blogvertise, OK cao! ^_^V

23 Januari 2010

ternyata HOAX : iPhone GRATIS!

From: Jakarta Promotion
Subject: GRATIS - HP iPhone3G dari AppleCorp

Pelanggan yang terhormat,
Kami beritahukan kepada seluruh pelanggan bahwa perusahaan kami, Apple Corporation yang berkantor pusat di Cupertino, California US membuka kantor pemasaran di Jakarta, Indonesia.

Produk yang kami pasarkan adalah Hand Phone tipe iPhone3G yang dilengkapi dengan teknologi GPS, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, video-audio, camera-photo, 16GB flash drive capacity, dll. Details produk kami silakan kunjungi: http://www.apple.com/iphone/specs.html

Untuk peluncuran perdana di Indonesia, kami akan memberikan secara gratis produk terbaru HP iPhone3G yang dilengkapi features seperti diatas. Dengan memberikan iPhone3G ini, kami berharap akan mendapatkan umpan balik yang berharga dari para pelanggan dan mendapatkan efek promosi berantai yang besar.

Yang harus anda lakukan adalah:
- Fowardkan pesan ini kepada 20 orang teman. Setelah 2 minggu waktu pengiriman, anda akan menerima sebuah iPhone3G. Sebelumnya kami akan mengontak anda untuk alamat detail pengiriman, atau

- Forwardkan pesan ini kepada 40 orang, anda akan menerima 2 produk: 1 bh iPhone3G + 1 bh iPod classic berkapasitas 120GB. Detail produk iPod classic kunjungi: http://www.apple.com/ipodclassic

Harap dikirimkan sebuah copy / Cc email kepada:
agar kami mengetahui bahwa anda telah memforward pesan ini.

Hormat kami,
Julia Christvanie
Regional Sales Manager
Apple Corporation – Jakarta Office
Sudirman Square Office Tower, Tower B Lt. 23
JI. Jend Sudirman Kav. 45-46 Jakarta Selatan 12930
Email: applecorpjkt@mail2europe.com

Sebenarnya dengan hanya membaca sekilas email tersebut, kita bisa langsung tahu bahwa informasi ini palsu. Karena sepertinya terlalu muluk, jika hanya dengan bermodal mem-forward (meneruskan) e-mail ke dua puluh orang teman, kita bisa langsung mendapatkan iPhone 3G gratis. Padahal kita tahu bahwa harga iPhone 3G begitu mahal, sepertinya mustahil kalau akan dibagi secara cuma-cuma.

Selain itu dari alamat e-mail yang digunakan kita juga bisa tahu bahwa itu bukan dari Apple Inc, karena e-mail tersebut menggunakan domain mail2europe.com, yang berarti bukan domain milik Apple.Untuk memastikan bahwa informasi ini palsu, detikINET kemudian mengkonfirmasi hal ini ke pihak Apple, Kamis (19/3/2009). Hasilnya? Mereka memastikan bahwa informasi tersebut palsu, karena Apple tidak pernah mengadakan program bagi-bagi iPhone gratis. Selain itu Apple juga tidak memiliki perwakilan di Indonesia seperti yang dicantumkan di e-mail itu.

Pihak Apple juga mengatakan bahwa kabar palsu tentang iPhone sudah marak beredar dari setahun yang lalu. Ternyata oh ternyata... T_T

sumber : detikinet.com (2009)

Jogging menyehatkan otak

Manfaat kesehatan dari lari biasa telah lama diketahui, tetapi para ilmuwan tidak pernah memahami manfaat latihan untuk meningkatkan kekuatan otak. Ahli saraf di Cambridge University telah menunjukkan cara untuk merangsang otak agar tumbuh segar berwarna materi abu-abu dan memiliki dampak besar pada kemampuan mental.

Beberapa hari berjalan kaki menyebabkan pertumbuhan ratusan ribu sel-sel otak baru yang memperbaiki kemampuan untuk mengingat kenangan tanpa membingungkan mereka, suatu keterampilan yang sangat penting untuk belajar dan melakukan tugas-tugas kognitif lainnya, kata para peneliti. Sel-sel otak yang baru muncul di daerah yang terkait dengan pembentukan ingatan dan kenangan. Hal ini menunjukkan mengapa jogging dan latihan aerobik lain dapat meningkatkan daya ingat dan belajar, dan berpotensi memperlambat kemunduran kemampuan mental yang terjadi dengan usia tua.

"Kita tahu latihan bisa baik bagi fungsi otak yang sehat." kata Timothy Bussey, seorang ilmuwan saraf di Cambridge perilaku dan penulis senior studi tersebut. Penelitian didasarkan pada tubuh yang berkembang yang menyarankan latihan kerja memainkan peran penting dalam menjaga otak sehat dengan mendorong pertumbuhan sel-sel otak segar.

Penelitian sebelumnya telah menunjukkan bahwa "neurogenesis" terbatas pada orang dengan depresi, tetapi gejala tersebut dapat diperbaiki jika mereka berolahraga secara teratur. Beberapa obat antidepresan bekerja dengan mendorong pertumbuhan sel-sel otak baru. Para ilmuwan tidak yakin mengapa latihan memicu pertumbuhan otak kecerdasan, tetapi mungkin berkaitan dengan meningkatnya aliran darah atau yang lebih tinggi, hormon yang dilepaskan selama berolahraga. Latihan mungkin juga mengurangi stres, yang menghambat sel-sel otak baru melalui hormon yang disebut kortisol.

Peneliti Cambridge bergabung dengan rekan-rekannya di US National Institute on Ageing di Maryland untuk meneliti efek dari berjalan. Mereka meneliti dua kelompok tikus, salah satu yang memiliki akses tak terbatas ke seluruh roda berjalan. Tikus yang lain membentuk kelompok kontrol. Dalam sesi pelatihan singkat, tikus-tikus itu diletakkan di depan layar komputer yang identik ditampilkan dua kotak berdampingan. Jika mereka menyenggol sisi dinding di sebelah kiri dengan hidung mereka, mereka menerima hadiah makanan. Jika mereka menyenggol satu di sebelah kanan, mereka tidak mendapatkan apa-apa.

Tikus yang sedang berjalan diatas rata-rata 15 mil (24km) per hari. Nilai mereka dalam tes memori hampir dua kali lebih tinggi. "Pada tahap ini, percobaan kedua memory tikus adalah pembentukan kuadrat sangat mirip. Hal ini ketika mereka harus membedakan antara dua bahwa sel-sel otak baru ini benar-benar membuat perbedaan," kata Bussey. Jaringan otak yang diambil dari tikus menunjukkan bahwa tikus yang sedang berjalan telah tumbuh materi abu-abu segar selama percobaan. Sampel jaringan dari dentate gyrus bagian otak mengungkapkan rata-rata 6.000 sel-sel otak baru di setiap kubik milimeter. The dentate gyrus adalah bagian dari hippocampus, salah satu dari beberapa daerah di otak orang dewasa yang dapat tumbuh segar sel-sel otak.

sumber : guardian.co.uk

19 Januari 2010

Create logo on "My Computer"

Have you ever seen IBM or compaq logo on its properties "my computer"

Apparently we can also create a company logo and displays them on that properties, just follow these steps :

1. Create OEMLOGO.BMP file with the file size with 180 x 256 color 114.

2. Create a file with notepad OEMINFO.INI, about rich content like this:

Manufacturer = "Your Company"
Model = "Your address"

[Support Information]
Line1 = "Your Name"
Line2 =
Line3 = "Phone number"
Line4 = "Fax number"
Line5 =
Line6 = Visit Our Website At:
Line7 = "Your website"
Line8 =
Line9 = For information and problems, please contact:
Line10 = System Management
Line11 = "Mobile number"
Line12 = "Your e-mail"

Copy that two files into directory Windows/System32/
then press the ÿ + BREAK to see the results. Enjoy!

13 Januari 2010

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Statements based on these variables manipulated using the rules that apply to operations of numbers, such as addition. This can be done for various reasons, including solving equations.

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By contrast, K-14 education also includes community colleges (first two years of university) and K-16 education adds a four-year undergraduate university degree.

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