"Seandainya di depan mataku ini ada tembok berwarna putih, lalu Muhammad mengatakan bahwa tembok itu berwarna hitam, maka aku akan bohongkan mataku, dan akan kukatakan bahwa tembok itu berwarna hitam!". (perkataan Abu Bakar radhiallahu anhu, dinukil dari ceramah sejarah Nabi, oleh Khalid Basalamah)

27 Januari 2009

The Danger of Smoke

Some of the teenagers who wear school uniforms, both junior and senior high school whiff of smoke visible from the mouth. Smoke out that nothing else is smoke coming from a cigarette that they taste. This phenomenon is already visible during the period of the last few years, when they should not do.

Landscape has become a spectacle our day-to-day, both in big cities or in rural areas. Not only on the fringe of the road or while on the bus. But the teenagers who are still students that sometimes just do so in front of their school. "This symbol of the association, if not smoke it's hard to socialize with the others." said a student who enjoys a passionate Cigarette.

The phrase is always a reason for young people to be interesting friend the other so it would-smoking follow-up. So, what right do not smoke if bakalan difficult to socialize and have a lot of friends? "Evidence to date I still have many friends in spite of not smoking. Moreover, as a music player in the school, which of course requires stamina enough and I think I have to use for smoking, "said Dian, a student in Kendal.

Well, if why we also need to smoke, if that be thought rather more dangerous there. As in terms of health, I know I substances are found in a cigarette. According to the world health body (WHO) in 4000 there were cigarette chemicals and toxic substances. Cigarette smoke can make directly damaged cells respiratory tract. Although not a smoker, you can also be called when the passive smokers inhale smoke in the environment. It can also damage the health too!

Would like to know more clearly about the toxic substances and is in a cigarette, you well know, and try to think is wise. First is' nicotine ', have the nature of this substance adiktif that can make us so addicted. Once burned, 25% of the nicotine in cigarettes directly into the blood circulation and to the human brain in 15 seconds. The effect, you will be easy to blood vessel constriction and a lack of oxygen throughout the body. Next is a 'tar', in the world of medicine known as karsinogenik substances capable of causing cancer. Dregs of the smoke will stick in the lungs. Slowly for 20 to 30 years, this material will change epitel bronkus normal cells in the lung cancer cells become malignant.

The second is carbon monoxide, or CO, is the same as the gas issued car exhaust tip. This will prevent oxygen absorption of oxygen by red blood cells in the body. So is the substance ammonia (the floor), BENZEN, Nitrosamin, Naftalen (camphor), hydrogen cyanide, radon, Aseton (eraser paint nails), Toleun, Metanol (rocket fuel), Arsenik (white ant poison), Butan ( lighter fuel), and various other toxic substances zenis. Trust me, without smoking you will appear more healthy and more fresh.

In addition to the health factor is, of course you also have potential in terms of financial losses. You certainly know how the price of a cigarette you need to remove the codes. Then compare it with the pocket money that a student each day. Well, make what you spend money only for a cigarette that does not have these benefits. Not yet, you need to pay for school fees and daily necessities.

Smoking among teenagers in the first and only want to participate, following a friend, but after trying finally hooked. This is like the Deni said, "At first I did not smokers, but also gravely if I do not smoke, because I am in the environment at all so I smoke follow-up also smoking." Said student SMK 2 Dwi Warna. Deni confess initially took charge-smoking follow-up to the continuity and hard to stop. According to him, the influence of environmental enough to be a smoker.

However Deni also fond of sports, these activities make them more shape and reduce suck smoke cigarettes. Sports is one of the activities that she can be addicted to smoke. When asked intention to quit smoking he said, "I hard as I join the friends who are also smokers, but the intention is not only a prescription can be," he said.

In fact, Deni hope there is a container that holds itself together to stop smoking and campagned loss-loss due to smoke cigarettes in order to suck the next generation regardless of the poison caused by cigarette smoke. He says less information on the negative impact arising from smoking and colleagues argued that the play is also the same as him.

"We as a Teen sometimes see things that happen around us, and most people from different circles so we consume cigarette smoking also follow-up without thinking about consequences." Add Deni again.

Cigarettes will also change your appearance, some of the things that looks real with the smoke breath you will not be a Fresh smell. Your teeth also become yellowish and turning into black and does not make you smile bright. Eyelid so hollow shaft so that the eye does not shine. Worse again wrinkle face start to appear, so look a little older. Hair is also a faint odor and smoke. The point is cigarettes makes you worst.

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