"Seandainya di depan mataku ini ada tembok berwarna putih, lalu Muhammad mengatakan bahwa tembok itu berwarna hitam, maka aku akan bohongkan mataku, dan akan kukatakan bahwa tembok itu berwarna hitam!". (perkataan Abu Bakar radhiallahu anhu, dinukil dari ceramah sejarah Nabi, oleh Khalid Basalamah)

31 Januari 2009

MUST READ! Submit your blog to The Directory

Concentrate your efforts on the major search engines first. They will deliver the vast majority of your traffic. Submit to the other search engines and directories later. To speed up your submission process make a list of sites you wish to submit with the following info for each:
  • URL
  • Email address
  • Title
  • Description
  • Keywords
Right-click the submit link above and then click "Open new window" so each search engine is opened in a new browser window. That way you don't lose your place. Copy and paste the information from your list wherever requested to avoid retyping. (Mac users click submit and hold the mouse button down until the "Open new window" option appears.)

Do not submit more than URL from the same domain to AltaVista in any 24 hour period as it will penalize your placement. Make sure that none of the pages on your site have hidden text where the text color is the same as the background color as it will disqualify your submissions to Hotbot and other search engines.

If your site is already listed with a search engine, do not pay to have it listed again. It will not improve your placement. Instead restructure the pages to concentrate on a different set of keyword phrases for each page. This will provide higher results ranking when the search engine spiders your site again. Put links on your index page to all the other pages on your site. If your site utilizes frames, link to the pages inside the frames. If you own other sites, put links to your other sites on your index page.

Make a list of keywords and phrases someone is likely to type into a search engine when looking for your site. If they often misspell one of the words, use the misspelling. Look below for Searches In Progress to see what people actually type into search engines. Make a few different pages for each keyword and keyword phrase. Start your Title with your 2 to 3 word keyword phrase, and limit the total number of words in the Title to eight words. Each page should concentrate on a different keyword phrase.

Put the above META tags into your header after your Title tag. Use your 2 or 3 keyword phrase in the description which should be about 10 to 30 words total. Use your 2 or 3 keyword phrase in the keyword section, separating the phrase from other phrases and words with commas. Limit your keywords and keyword phrases to from 3 to 8 total. Here is a good example using the keyword phrase search engine submission:

Use your keyword phrase in the body of your page from 3 to 8 times, but no more. Concentrate the keywords and key phrases near the beginning of the page and in the beginning of paragraphs. You might also make it the last set of words on the page.

Make your keyword phrase a link to another revelant page 1 to 3 times, and keep these links near the beginning of the page. The total number of words on your page should be between 100 to 600. Each page should be substantially different. Duplicating a page and simply changing the keywords will adversely affect your rankings.

If you use frames, or Flash, or database generated pages, you should also create other pages as described above to optimize search engine results because they are invisible to the search engines. Never remove pages when redoing your site. Doing so will negate any rankings that page ever achieved. Do not redesign a page that already has a high placement on a search engine. It is better to simply create new pages rather than redesign old ones, unless you are sure it is not getting good results on any search engine. Never remove old pages.

Yahoo and some other directories catalog sites manually, so they will sometimes reject unattractive sites and reward innovative, attractive sites. Read the FAQs and submission tips the search engines offer.

Submission services are listed below which save time, but they are not always as effective as doing the submissions yourself. They can actually have an adverse affect on your placement in some situations. You may want submit manually to the major search engines, and use other services or software for the other less important directories.

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